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Shanghai ACE Exhibition-Yingtai

Time : 2020-04-09

Source : XinQi ( International ) Exhibition

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Shanghai ACE Exhibition-Yingtai

  The 19th National Pesticide Exchange Conference and Agrochemical Products Exhibition (abbreviation: ACE) was held on October 16-18, 2019 at the Shanghai World Expo Museum as scheduled.

  XinQi (International) Exhibition, as Beijing Yingtaijia and booth design and construction company for decades, has continuously adopted novel designs and bold innovations over the years to help it shine at the exhibition.

  Beijing Yingtai Jiahe Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the New Third Board on October 20, 2015. The stock is abbreviated as Yingtai Biological and the stock code is 833819. The company is based on research and development, and the market demand is the leading agricultural chemical product supplier. , Mainly engaged in the research and development, compliance production and GLP technical services of pesticide intermediates, original drugs and preparation products, and serves the global plant protection market by selling high-quality products to high-quality customers. The company has won many honorary titles such as National High-tech Enterprise, Beijing Enterprise Technology Center, One Hundred and Thousand Projects Key Cultivation Enterprise and Top 100 Chinese Pesticide Enterprises, and has been the champion of pesticide export enterprises for many years.